A downloadable game for Windows


A Game a Week Prototype

Week One

Idea is to start with something simple and doable as I have never released a game before.

The game is all about juggling four balls while avoiding lasers that come from the sides. Use the left mouse button and flick up, to toss the ball.

If you survive long enough, past 300 points, you will encounter a nice surprise.


  • Use Mouse to Juggle Balls
  • Don't Drop the Balls!
  • Avoid Lasers!
  • Press SPACE to Start
  • Press R to Restart the Game

Any constructive comments and criticisms are welcome!

Taking on Rami Ismail's challenge of producing a game a week.

Inspired by his blog post: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/RamiIsmail/20140226...

Install instructions

Windows Only

Simply double click and run!


Juggle.exe 1 MB

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