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A Game a Week Prototype

Week Three

Started off with an idea to create a Rogue game, but due to timing constraints settled with a maze game.

The game uses procedurally generated maps and a basic lighting system on the player.

The goal of the game is the reach the exit (blue sprite) and avoid the guards (red sprites).


  • Use WASD or arrows keys to move
  • Press R to Restart the Game
  • Press F to toggle Fullscreen mode
  • Press ESC to quit
  • Avoid Red Blocks.
  • Advance to the next maze by touching the Blue Blocks.

Any constructive comments and criticisms are welcome!

Taking on Rami Ismail's challenge of producing a game a week.

Inspired by his blog post: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/RamiIsmail/20140226...

Install instructions

Windows Only

Simply double click and run!


An Aimless Maze.exe 2 MB

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